A Perfect Spring Day

Part I:  Botantical Gardens – Orchard Show

A Perfect Spring Day!

NY Botatanical Garden Conservatory

The perfect way to spend a beautiful Spring day is to take a walk around New York’s Botanical Gardens, which is located in the Bronx, NY.  This is exactly what a friend and I did the other day.  Known for its various year round exhibits; currently they are having their Spring “Orchid Exhibit”.

                                    DSCN3298   DSCN3292 (800x625) The Exhibit, housed in the Conservatory (shown above), was a beautiful array of colors, an artist’s dream, as the various Orchids, some very rare, seemed to blend into a Monet painting.  As you can see by just a few of the photos I took, each Orchid with its different colors, species and hybrids, from different parts around the World, is a masterpiece unto itself.

Founded in the late 19th Century, and opened in 1896, the dream of a Columbia University botanist and his wife, the Botanical Gardens are now a National Historic Landmark.   The Gardens feature an array of various exhibits as the seasons permit; Orchids in April, Lilacs in May, and their landmark Rose Gardens are each worth a visit as you stroll through the haze of colors they offer.  The NY Botanical Gardens has the largest collection of flowers around the world.  The Conservatory (which I was fortunate enough to work while in College) also offers a living plant museum, offering educational programs for many botanists around the world, studying horticulture and plant science.

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