October Challenge: October Memories


October Challenge: October Memories

BBArtisans Team – October Challenge (PamelaBaker)


Apple Picking – Upstate NY

October is a time when there is a change in the air; pumpkin patches; apple picking; hot apple cider; changing colors of the leaves; the smell of apple wood burning in fireplaces’; and a time of “bewitching”! I have so many wonderful memories of all of these.


Sleepy Hallow, NY – Autumn Scene

Growing up, once Autumn arrived, there was always the anticipation of the many sites awaiting us; starting with a drive up the Parkway to see the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  Although we could look out our windows and see the Maple Trees changing from green to beautiful colors of oranges, reds, and yellows; I still love taking a drive up-County to see the palette of colors that only nature can produce.  A few of the pictures shown here are from drives with friends to enjoy Autumn’s beauty.


Autumn Scene – Bear Mt Lake, NY

Or course my best memories are those of my grandfather taking my sister and I for what seemed like a long drive to Purdy’s Apple Orchard.  Before we even got out of the car, we would already take in the smells of the many types of NY Apples, which would be our first adventure at the Orchard. After picking more apples than we could hold, we would end the day with hot apple cider, and warm homemade apple donuts.

Another one of our favorite places was the Apple Farm in Armonk.  Although we couldn’t pick apples, there were plenty of baskets to choose among the many varieties of apples; and once again lured by the smells of the hot cider and donuts. When my children were young, I continued the tradition of taking them to the Apple Farm, where they would enjoy the same experiences I had as a child. This tradition was continued until a few years ago when they sadly closed the Farm in Armonk. 

Of course, apple picking was not the only tradition carried on during October’s cooler days.  There was always the excitement of going to the one of the many “Pumpkins Patches” to pick just the right pumpkin to take home and carve.  Of course we always had to have the largest pumpkin in the patch, and my children were no different.


Keith (my son) in the Pumpkin Patch

Once the apples were picked, pumpkins carved, pies were made – it was time to start thinking about Halloween!  My grandfather would take many of  the neighborhood children and walk around, while we would run from door to door collecting as much candy as we could.  Then once home, we would dump out all the bags and start trading candy. My children were no different when I would take them  “Trick or Treating”, only to come home and follow the same routine of trading candy’s.  Of course, Halloween wasn’t just that easy.  Weeks before began the process of what would be the perfect costume!  I guess it was the devil in me, but even when I was very young, I always wanted to be a witch.  One of my son’s, from the time he was 4, wanted to be Dracula for years (I don’t have to name which one – but those who know us will figure it out)!!  I always preferred to make their own costumes when they were very young.  Now they are off to the Village (Greenwich Village, NYC) to the Halloween Parade. It is still as bizarre as the days when I would hang around the Village!

Halloween Pumpkin Tutu (472x572)

Adorable Infant Halloween Costume


Kelly (my daughter) as “Lucy” in Dracular – FHP Theater Group (I was the Costume Designer!

Of course it would not be October without watching the Peanuts Cartoon “It’s the Great Pumpkin”!  Now even my grandson, Zachary, is mesmerized by this iconic cartoon!


Peanuts Cartoon – “It’s the Great Pumpkin”

These are just a few of the many wonderful memories that the month of October so special! 

October Challenge- Pam/MagdaleneJewels/Knits

About Pamela Baker

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in various crafts. After crocheting for many years, recently I started designing OOAK jewelry pieces, always learning new techniques as I continued. I also have always loved to write, so I look forward to being a part of this Blog as one it's contributors. As a lifelong resident of NY, I am busy with my two shops on Etsy: MagdaleneJewels (OOAK designed jewelry items: Necklace,Bracelets, Earrings,rings): also, MagdaleneKnits (Crocheted & Knitted items for Newborns to Adults) I can also be found on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Word Press, YouTube. My Blogs are: http://pamelabaker.wordpress.com I also intend to bring tutorials to help you develop your Shops more effectively to increase your Views and Sales on the various mediums you may be selling your work on. I am always a convo or email away if you have any specific questions I can help you with.
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