The Making of a Sweater!


crochet-irishknit-sweater-newborn-infants-toddersCrocheted Irish Knit Sweater w Matching Hat

For those who think I may have deserted my Blogging duties or daily chats, the past two months my fingers have been working overtime.  Having sold 9 Sweaters since mid-November I rushed to make sure everyone received their Order in time for Christmas.  A few for babies due to arrive around Christmas; a few proud grandma’s wanting to keep their little grandchild warm during the cold Winter months; and a few who wanted something special for their own little one. 

As each Sweater is Custom made – some with certain specifics from the Buyer, I managed to get them all out in time to make it under someone’s Tree!  As it takes approximately 5-6 days to get each one finished, some days I would work at least 12 hours, some nights well past midnight to get them done in record time.  The first one I made was this little White Sweater with matching Bonnet (Custom made in Pink)!

dscn3115-800x741Crocheted Newborn Sweater Bonnet Baby Girl

Just when I thought I could relax and enjoy Christmas – doing most of the cooking with the help of my sons, decorating the Tree, and spending time partying with friends, I sold 3 more Sweater’s!  As of yesterday morning, I finally mailed the last Sweater which was for a Baby Shower in January. 

So, while working on one of my last Sweater’s (a Newborn size) – the other Sweater’s ranging in sizes from Newborn to Toddler 3, I thought I would share exactly what goes into the creating of one of my Crocheted Irish Knit Sweater. 

blog-irishknitsweater-yarn-crochethooks-1-2-17           blog-irishknitsweater-pattern-rewrites-1-2-17

                    Yarn & Crochet Hooks                                           Pattern w lots of rewrites!

First, I need to make sure I have enough yarn, then getting all the right size Crochet Hooks lined up (the sizing depends on the size and various stitches of the Sweater ordered).  As you can see from one of the pages of my much used Pattern – the many notes, rewrites and adjustments I have made over time.


                                                                        Blocking the Sleeves
I always make the Back of the Sweater first, as it is the largest part of the Sweater.  Once finished I block the piece by pinning it to a damp cloth making sure all the edges are of the same measurements.


Blocking Assembled Pieces

Next comes the crocheting of the Left Front and Right Front adding the shoulders. Then blocking those pieces.  I then work on the Sleeves, increasing, then decreasing until they sized to match the rest of the sweater.  This picture shows all the pieces laid out together and blocked before I start the process of joining each piece, creating a Sweater. Once again blocking everything before adding the Neckline and the front plackets (where the buttons and buttonholes go).


Blocking all the Sweater Pieces

Next comes the process of making the matching Hat.  Many request a flower for the Hat if it is for a little girl, for this Sweater the Customer requested a green flower for the Hat; the boys will get a pom-pom on top. 

blog-irishknitsweater-hatwflower-1-2-17             blog-irishknitsweater-readytoship-1-2-17

                          Hat w Flower                                                               Finished Sweater w Hat

It is now ready to be sent to a new home to adorn the precious baby it was made for.  My little model Cosette is wearing her Sweater with the Green Flower.  I also created the pattern for the Crocheted Afghan to match her little Sweater.

CustomOrder.IrishKnitSweater w Matching Blanket 11.12.14 (602x800)

                                                   Cosette (3 mo) Wearing Her Sweater & Hat w Afghan





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For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in various crafts. After crocheting for many years, recently I started designing OOAK jewelry pieces, always learning new techniques as I continued. I also have always loved to write, so I look forward to being a part of this Blog as one it's contributors. As a lifelong resident of NY, I am busy with my two shops on Etsy: MagdaleneJewels (OOAK designed jewelry items: Necklace,Bracelets, Earrings,rings): also, MagdaleneKnits (Crocheted & Knitted items for Newborns to Adults) I can also be found on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Word Press, YouTube. My Blogs are: I also intend to bring tutorials to help you develop your Shops more effectively to increase your Views and Sales on the various mediums you may be selling your work on. I am always a convo or email away if you have any specific questions I can help you with.
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