Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Cherry Blossoms in Bloom


ManorPark.Irvington. Cherry Blossom Tree.watermarked 4.18.17

Cherry Blossom Tree, Manor Park, Irvington, NY

Spring 2017 has been quite difficult to enjoy as the temperatures are continually changing day to day.  One day it is 80 degrees, only to be met with snow the next.  It has been a Season of back and forth weathered days. 

With all this brief teasing of Spring, if one looks around it is easy to see that Winter is finally losing its hold on NY, as crocus’ are popping their little heads above the ground; while many local Parks are blossoming with the burst of Cherry Blossoms around us!

Crocuses in Snow 4.25.17

Crocuses in the Snow

This photo above was taken in one of my favorite places along the Long Island Sound at Manor Park, Larchmont, NY.  I can sit there for hours walking the long paths of Cherry Blossoms, or sit staring out at the peaceful waters of the Sound.



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1 Response to Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

  1. Rhonda says:

    Isn’t the first picture a giant pink rhododendron?


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