NY Botanical Gardens: Rose Gardens



 “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”
PeggyRooseveltRoseGarden.EntranceOverview 6.15.18

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Gardens (Overview)

One thing I look forward to each year are the many blossoming Roses at the New York Botanical Gardens Rose Garden Exhibit. The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is among one the most popular exhibits at the Botanical Gardens from May to October, when more than 700 varieties of Roses are in peak bloom. Sunday, was just the perfect day to visit the New York Botanical Gardens, located in the Bronx, NY.  Before entering the Gardens, one can view them from atop of a hill which overlooks the “fairy tale” beauty of the Rose Gardens.


PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden. Betty Boop Floribunda Roses. RedWhiteRose.closeup 6.10.18

The “Peggy Rockefeller” Rose

The month of June produces the most vibrant and fragrant roses. The first weekend in June, in which the Gardens officially open, the many Roses are in full bloom! The hundreds of Roses planted include heirloom varieties selected for their intoxicating perfumes as well as their beauty. Even before reaching the Rose Gardens, we were entranced by the sweet scents filling the air!  The various species range from Roses exhibiting “Archduke Charles” China Roses, dating back to 1837, and the “Burgundian Cluster Roses from the 1600’s; to 2017’s “Miracle on the Hudson” in honor of Capt. Sullenberger, each with their own true beauty of color and fragrance!

“Burgundian Cluster Roses” (1600’s)

PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.PrincessAlexandraofLuxembourg.DoublePinkRoses.closeup. 6.10.18

“Princess Alexandra de Luxembourg” Pink Double Roses

PeggyRockefellerRoselGarden.MiracleontheHudson .Red RoseBushes 6.16.18

“Miracle on the Hudson” Red Roses 

Designed by landscape architect Beatrix Farrand in 1916, this Garden was completed in 1988 with the support of David Rockefeller and named after his wife Peggy, a horticulturalist and conservationist who loved roses. The Rose Garden has received many International Awards and is considered to be among one of the world’s best, and most beautiful of Rose Gardens’.  There is even a special Tea Rose named after Peggy Rockefeller.  The architect also erected a Gazebo in the center of the Rose Gardens, adorned with Pink and White Climbing Roses, called “Awakening”.

PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.RoseArbor.QueenElizabeth. Pink White ClimbingTeaRoses 6.15.18

Gazebo covered with “Awakening” Pink White Climbing Roses

PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.GardenDelight.YellowPink Roses.closeup 6.15.18

“Garden Delight” Pink/Yellow Cluster Roses 

Hybrid “Tea Roses” bear one rose on each stem, and the vast majority of the flowers have a strong fragrance, many of which have been named after well known celebrities (note the roses shown below).  The “Peggy Roosevelt” Rose Garden produces highly fragranced golden-yellow roses, in flushes throughout the Summer Season.

PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.Joan Fontaine. OffWhiteRoses 6.15.18
“Joan Fontaine” Off White Double Roses

“Rosa Julia Child” Single Yellow Rose

PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.Purple Rain BunchofPurpleRoses 6.15.18

“Burgundian Rose – (1600’s)

“The Poet’s Wife”

008Single Lavender Rose: “Purple Rain”

 Walking along the many pathways winding throughout the Garden’s, my friend and I came across so many beautiful, unique varieties and species of Roses.  I think we managed to photograph almost everyone, many of which are showcased in my article of the Rose Gardens.

PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.VarietyofRoses.overview 6.15.18

Pathway through the Rose Gardens

The inner most pathways of the Gardens exhibit more modern hybrids of Roses, while the outer perimeters along the wrought iron fencing, enhanced by the beauty of hundreds’ of “natural, wild species” (or old roses) in a purely naturalistic setting. The cluster of Pink/Purple Roses along the back fence (shown below) are called “Cinqo de Mayo”, for it lovely vibrant colors!


“Cinqo de Mayo” Cluster Roses

PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.The Poets Wife. YellowHybridRoses 6.15.18

The Poet’s Wife” Yellow Cluster Roses

As we were leaving this scenic presentation of Roses, my friend Susan, (a friend since elementary school!), and I couldn’t resist taking photos of ourselves under the Trellis covered with “Alexander Girault” rambling roses!

                          PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.Pammy.closeup.Susan 6.10.18          PeggyRockefellerRoseGarden.Pammy.Susan.closeup. Susan 6.10.18



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