2019 NY Botanical Rose Gardens

NYBotanicalGardens: “Candy Cane Cocktail” (Hybrid Roses 2016)

To many, June means Summer vacations; walks along the beach; graduation; but to me the 1st weekend of June means the opening of the “Peggy Rockefeller Rose Gardens” featured at the NY Botanical Gardens, when the Roses are in full bloom.

. “Dark Night” Heirloom Rose

Being one of the most popular exhibits at the Botanical Gardens, each year never seems to disappoint. Last year my Blog took you along my walk of the Rose Garden’s 700 variety of different fragrant Roses. I was amazed that with all the beautiful Roses featured last year, not one of the 650 Roses’ exhibited this year, was a repeat of those I enjoyed last year.

Kardinal Kolorscape Red Roses (Germany 2014)

Kardinal Kolorscape Rose Bush (German 2014)

Last year featured many antique variety of Roses, some dating back to the 1600’s. This year’s NY Botanical Rose Garden’s were a delight of newer species of Nature’s “Fragrant Beauties”!

Peach Rose “The Lark Ascending” (2012)

“The Lark Ascending” Rose Bush

“Grande Amore” Tea Rose

Hybrid “Tea Roses” bear one Rose on each stem. The vast majority of “Tea Roses” are known for their strong fragrance. “Grand Amore” is a standout of the Hybrid Tea Roses due to its exceptional depth of Dark Red color!

. “Scepter’d Isle” English Tea Roses

While walking along the many pathways throughout the Rose Gardens, I tried to capture as many beautiful Roses that were newly planted in this year’s “Peggy Rockefeller” Rose Gardens. Surprisingly, we came across these roses which were left standing after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

It is no wonder that these Pale Yellow/Ivory Roses are an Award Winning Rose. “Polar Express” is known for its classic beauty and strong fragrance. In the second photo, I was fortunate enough to capture this pollinating bee busy at work!

“Polar Express” Award Winning Roses

One of the most famous of Roses is the Pink Cabbage Rose,

“Rose de Mai”. The Cabbage Rose is a Dutch descendant dating back to the 16th – 17th Century.

Pink Cabbage Rose “Rose de Mai” Dutch 16th-17th Century

The next Rose we came across was this French Hybrid beauty, “White Meidiland” Rose, which was first introduced in 1989.

*White Meidiland” French Rose (1989)

As we were finishing up our stroll among the beautiful exhibit of the

NY Botanical “Rose Gardens”, we came across this beautiful

Pink Rose with Yellow inner leaves, honoring “Julie Andrews”.

*Julie Andrews” Rose

These are such a few examples of the 650 Hybrid Roses features along the many pathways of this year’s “Rose Garden” Exhibit.

To view last view’s Blog of the “Botanical Garden’s” click on this link to see more beautiful Roses!


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6 Responses to 2019 NY Botanical Rose Gardens

  1. Pretty Gonzo says:

    This is such a lovely blog post! Good info and the photo are great! Thanks for sharing! (Treats to belle Bell!)

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  2. Nancy Anderson says:

    Amazing, Pam. The Grande Amor does not look real. How many times have you been back.

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  3. Catherine says:

    Wow, wow, WOW! That had to have been a remarkable ramble through the gardens. Your photos are wonderful, Pam. Just wish I could smell the roses (: Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

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